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this pic is crucial





This bitch

My special guy



Haha burnt my mouth like 3 times on this soup though I’m reckless

Worst behavior

So I got to work and I was going to cook for the guys and I look in the crockpot and this girl had set three sad ass chicken breasts and a can of soup up in there

Needless to say I dumped that shit out and made home made chicken noodle


Source: Svenskfast



When you trip and your spaghetti falls out your pocket by KingBach

i hate this

Want need

Explaining to people why I chose to cut you out of my life is always hard. It’s not as if I hate you, or don’t care for you anymore.. In fact I think about you each day. And I know that you think about me too. It makes it hard to carry-on each day knowing that I could have you in my life and be talking to you right at that moment but how much energy can you drain into a bottomless void? How much of you can you put into another person? It feel selfish for me to choose to not be there for you any longer… But at what point would you have done that for me? At what point would you have stepped back and looked at our relationship and said there’s only so much heartbreak a person can endure and stepped back for my own good? Putting negative people out of your life shouldn’t make you feel selfish… It should make you feel strong for knowing that you didn’t have to do what you did but you did it for your own well-being. You can still love a person from afar.

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